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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Miles for Matt Hershey?

Miles for Matt Hershey was started in memory of Matthew Pritchett. On April 28, 2017 eleven days after his 32nd birthday our lives changed forever. Matthew was a passenger involved in a fatal DUI accident. The car he was riding in hit a tree, and he sustained grave internal injuries. He died on impact. His entire family will live the rest of their lives with this indescribable pain. Matthew's heart and mind were golden. His smile is unforgettable. He will be forever painfully missed by his family, friends, and all whose lives were blessed by knowing him. 


How do I register for the Walk?

Click here, or the Register button in the site menu, or follow this link:


 Is there a Registration fee?

Yes. Register Online now until Tuesday, April 30, 2024 (Noon Deadline).

Adults - $30.00

Children (ages 5-12) - $15.00

Pets - $5.00

        *Discount for groups/teams of 10 or more, please contact Janice at Miles for Matt Hershey by             phone or email.

Do I need to register my pet?



Do I need to register in order to walk? 

Yes, every walker over Age 5 must be registered. You may also register the day of the Walk. 


Does every walker get a t-shirt? 

Yes, you qualify for a t-shirt if you register before Saturday, April 20, 2024.  You may also purchase t-shirts the day of the walk. 


How do I join or form a team?

You can participate with other registrants for groups/teams under 10 by registering online and including your group/team name. 

How do I remove a team?

If you created a group/team by mistake, and would like it removed please Contact Us describing your request.


Who can I contact for any questions? 

Janice McCurdy, Chairperson

(717) 433-2439

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