Why We Walk

Miles for Matt was started in memory of Matthew Pritchett. On April 28, 2017, eleven days after his 32nd birthday, our lives changed forever. Matthew was a passenger involved in a fatal DUI accident. The car he was riding in hit a tree, and he suffered grave internal injuries. He died on impact. His entire family will live the rest of their lives with this indescribable pain. His mind and heart were golden, his smile unforgettable. He will be forever painfully missed by his family, friends, and all whose lives were blessed by knowing him.

This year Miles for Matt Hershey will donate to Speranza Animal Rescue which is an all-breed, all species non-profit, 100% volunteer run rescue. Speranza means "hope" in Italian so the goal is to give hope to abused and neglected animals. Speranza is committed to saving animals and finding homes for as many as possible.

This is also the third year of our 5-year pledge to the Hershey Community Center Project where the lane of the new inside track will be in memory of Matthew.

We will continue each year to support new charities and organizations to add to our philanthropic portfolio and support causes we are passionate about as a tribute to and in memory of Matthew.

          2018 - MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers)

          2019 - Prayer Garden at St. Joan of Arc Church in Memory of Matthew, and

                     1st year of our 5-year Pledge to the Hershey Community Center Project

          2020 - No Walk due to COVID-19 restrictions

          2021 - American Autoimmune Association, and 2nd year of our 5-year Pledge

                     to The Hershey Community Center Project